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Lost Treasure Hunt is an adventure show Ghostbot produced in collaboration with Richard Bazley (Iron Giant, Hercules) and Matt Davis (Sony). The story follows Dex and Ava as they race around the world to uncover mysteries and clues found within real historical artifacts. The “Lost Treasure Hunt” special airs yearly on PBS educating viewers about the facts of Columbus’s journey to America. The show has gone on to win many awards and was nominated for an Emmy for “Outstanding New Approach”.

“One of the bigger challenges of this project was to blend complicated educational elements into the show in an entertaining way. We took great steps to ensure both of the main characters were appealing and that the style of the show was very dynamic. This allowed the viewer to continually stay engaged with the plot and characters while learning about history.”   

– Roque Ballesteros (Co-Director)

Lost Treasure Hunt

Lost Treasure Hunt

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