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GHOSTBOT Originals

Ghostbot studio is branching out into new formats, mediums and technology with original intellectual properties.

Mugsy in Love
Biscuit in Love

“Ghostbot is comprised of many different creative visions, but the collective dream of the studio is to create original stories and characters.” 

– Corrine Wong (Executive Producer)

Mugsy and Biscuit

Mugsy and Biscuit

Mugsy and Biscuit are some of the most popular and beloved animated characters on Facebook.

“It was easy to create Biscuit as our adorable office corgi Chauncey provided a lot of live reference."   

--- Corrine Wong  (Executive Producer)



An original short film created by Ghostbot about a man racing against the clock.

“As filmmakers we want to tell stories that touch people on an emotional level. 'Anniversary' was a starting point in that direction.”   

– Brad Rau (Co-Director)


Franchise Development


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