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PIXAR is known for creating some of the most memorable stories and characters of our generation. Needless to say when the opportunity to collaborate with them on a 2D project presented itself, we were thrilled. "Combat Carl" was introduced to the Toy Story universe for their recent Halloween special "Toy Story of Terror!". Supervising Director Angus MacLane and Vintage Commercial Director Jeremy Lasky wanted to capture the charm and nostalgia of the original G.I. Joe PSAs from the 80s while at the same time maintaining the cutting wit of their newest character, Combat Carl (voiced by Carl Weathers). Many a Sunbow inbetween was lovingly scrutinized for this project and the result took us back to the glory days of after-school animation.

"The name Pixar demands a level of perfection and craft. We are happy to have the opportunity to showcase our attention to detail as well as celebrating cartoons from our youth."

– Roque Ballesteros (Director)

Combat Carl PSA

Combat Carl PSA

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